::Let's go and masqerade through the town before this nite is over<3::

eat ur heart out and then serve it to the wicked witch

::about moi::

the name is nicole. some people call me Nikki or Nicole louise but i dont rly mind. i have super curly hair that is dark brown. i have hazel(green) eyes that change according to what i am wearing at the moment. i am tan and tall. ;D i like alot of kinds of music. i like rock music like emo and indie but i like rap stuff too. i am not going to try to be one of those people who only strictly listens to one kind of music. so i guess you culd say i am "universal". lol. i like fashion a whole lot. and i am so into the celeb stuff. lol. o yah i am in love with ADAM BRODY & KYLE BROSARD. i also love my homegirls. they kthey be.<3333 i love to take pix and watch old now who movies. shopping is a must. i guess you could say it is my life support. lol. well i dont know what else to say so im out like a fat kid in dodgeball.

<3333 Nicole Louise