Let's go and masqerade through the town before the nite is over. trashedemo

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::Let's go and masqerade through the town before this nite is over<3::
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Date:2004-06-07 14:42
Subject:busy like a bee
Mood: giddy

this week has been insane. um well i found out some awesome news...jordan is moving into my neighboorh0od!! woo and hoo! so now we can ride 2gether 2 elkins and stuff. :D friday stephanie came over and spent the nite. twas pretty spectacular as always. congrats 2 steff on making it at PAIGE PARKS! wen i get my braces off im coming! we can tell them we r sisters! lol!l <3 we stayed up 'till 3 and then i had to wake up at 6 for my track meet. i did ok at my meet. i came in 3rd place overall in hurdles wich was pretty go0d since it was my first meet. i saw trey and lotsa people i new from lake olympia! <33333 trey is adorable as always.then later that nite i watched the banger sisters with my mom. then yesterday i went to life teen with lou lou and pam. i saw rickie <3!!!! he is going to elkins! yay! then i saw ronnie/ben and then joshie.afterwards i came home and we found a stray dog! he was cut on his leg so we took him home 2 fix his booboo. then he spent the nite with us. lol. he is so cute. my mom insists that we name him paco or pancho. tomorow we have to take him to the vet to get checked out. so hopefully we can keep him! cody's in austin...:( well im going to take a nap. be bak later gaters.



Date:2004-06-04 11:15
Mood: awake

hey kidds sorry for the lack of updating. my computer is retartarded and hasnt been working. this week has been pretty boring. i went to lauren's house all day monday and hung out with her for a while. it was bundles of fun! <3 today is friday. which means degrassi nd harry potter! woo and hoo!
i have a track meet tomorow somewhere and am about to go to the mall. i got a d0oney wristlet purse and a look alike tiffany's bracelet from my awesoem friend stephanie bandy! <3 mucho love to ya girl! well i gotta run!

gone with the wind

Date:2004-05-24 16:30
Subject:yay for summer
Mood: bitchy

our field trip was so much fun.
jareds suprise party was fun. i saw mikey! lol.
cuddled with petie <3
watched my so called life.
then talked on the teley with steph, jared, and lou
watched sixteen candles.>>>best movie ever.
went to elkins 2day and had lunch with zak <3
registered 4 elkins.
attemtped to play guitar.
talked to stephanie.

and to swim practice i go.

lauren thanx 4 callin me 2day......NOT. cuz u didnt! :(


Date:2004-05-13 14:45
Subject:blah blah blah
Mood: bitchy

rain rain go away come again another day.

ugh im so sick of the rain. i swear thats all that happens around here.today its raining. imagine that. today i got out of school at 11:45. we had to rehearse in the church and i had 2 finals to take:::religion and social studies. i think i did pretty swell on both of them. at least i hope so.tomorow is my last day of school....AMEN. tomorow stephanie is coming over. woop woop. today is mimi's birthday!<3 ya girl! also some shindig was goin on today but i guess i wasnt invited along with some other people. but whatever i dont really care. our 8th grade lua is tomorow nite! yay! i really am super excited about my field trip on monday! :) its going to rock. i really want to go shopping but im kinda low on dough.....:(

well thats all for now

mucho love


Date:2004-05-12 16:55
Subject:The smell of wood floors is in my nose.........
Mood: dorky

super bored.
friday is my last day of school! yeah!
today i had another half day and not to much happend....talked on the teley with stephanie then lauren.our field trip is guna b off the h0ok.woop woop!
in my r0om is:
Lauren, treenie, steph, and me! <3333333333333

well i g2g 2 swim pracice.
adios to all.


Date:2004-05-06 11:12
Subject:tired and bored is not a good combo
Mood: ditzy

hey there.
im here in the lab with stephanie as always. the sub in religion is a butt face to the extreme. eeek. so ya matt, will, rodrigo, and john all went to the blink 182 concert. sounded like they had a blast. the oc and that 70's show was awesome last nite. i was balling for brody! <333333

*today is taylor's bday(aka treeni's 12 year old boyfriend!)
so happy bday to him! ice cream social is later today is guna b fun! woop woop.
tomorow nite is emily's bday party! its guna b awesome!

so ya
im gone

today is a go0d day.

Date:2004-05-05 10:49
Subject:shopping is needed

here's some stuff i wanna buy when i have more money:

>> me and steph's rain boots!

my snow boots i never got but still want

cute shoes


Date:2004-05-05 10:38
Subject:in the computer lab
Mood: sleepy

doing social studies review.
>>>>T-bone- i <3 u!<<<<<
lol. at swim practice last nite it was so cold. we did relays. i was with Rundle, david, and stefanie. then after practice went to cafe east with sara and tbone. twas fun. i havent tlked to zak lately. he is such a butthead anyways. jessica is on my swim team now! woop woop! ryan looks so different now. *wink. lol. and his little brother alec is so adorable. rodrigo jsut called ck andy. lol. will has a awesome jellie pen. elkins next year! woop woop!

stepahnie is so distant :( lol.

exams r next week. how great.


Date:2004-05-03 10:32
Subject:The Love Below
Mood: blah

hey there everybody.
eww today is monday mornin. aw today it was so cute. the second graders had their first communions. they were all absolutely adorable. omg last nite it was so scary. so im like doing work with my mom and my dad was like i have rly bad news and i was like what>? so get this. one of my dad's workers that was a rly good friend of our family committed suicide. she overdosed and put a plastic bag over her head.it was seriously super sad. :(

but i babysat on Saturday nite for taylor and cameron.>>the two cutest boys. we ahd pizza and they watched goldmember and platyed on the trampoline. i was attacked by them and brutaly beaten. lol. mad tv was so funny. they had william hung and the cast of the oc.<3333 during the day zak h asked me out. but ya. then i was on the fone with lauren, then stephanie, then katrina.

this friday is andrea and emily's bday party. how cool. school is almost over. yay! o yah jessica is doing swim team with me! yay! lol. its guna b so fun. i get to hang with my long lost twinner-stepahnie matson! woop woop. its guna b fun.

lotsa love

Date:2004-04-29 09:06
Subject:Health Class
Mood: chipper

hey hey.
im in health rite now talking with mimi, lauren, and helen! we are talking about astro world! lol! im super bored rite now. erin & chelsea are makin palm trees for the class! its pretty c0ol! ugh i have detention today.. great fun. lol. christie's party is tomorow! how cool! ;D ugh my teeth hurt so much! :( braces suk monkey butt! lol!well im done here. adios to all!


Helen, mimi, and Lauren r so awesome!

*shoutout to stephh!

Wink wink

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